Saturday, December 20, 2008

Axiom 1: Language Matters

  • My effectiveness as a leader often hinges on something as "inconsequential" as word choice.
  • Leaders rise and fall by the language they use
  • Carefully chosen language (jargon or axioms) within a team/church/organisation deepens community, creates clarity and a special sort of solidarity
  • Wrestle with words until they can communicate your big ideas in a way that captures imagination, catalyzes action, and lifts spirits
  • Axioms bolster a culture and steady it against the winds of change
  • Hybels often takes long walks in search of one key word for a leadership message
  • If you need to have an important discussion with someone, write down your thoughts before you even step into the meeting. The other person is probably going to remember only a few sentences from the conversation, so you want to work hard to select phrases of note

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